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Exhibition Collaborations

Rhinestone Cowboy

A little bit luxe, a little bit country. Known as the Beef Capital of Australia, we're celebrating all things cattle and country with a touch of glitz. As one of the most lucrative industries and successful Australian exports, the beef industry and farming culture also makes up the bedrock of who we are as Australians.


Travel outside of our State or Country is off-limits in reality but not for the imagination. Our holiday plans of vacays to the wintry peaks of the Swiss Alps or the sandy beaches of Bali are now the stuff of daydreams for the moment. So we take a step back to think on what might have been, with visions of summer holiday fun, of places we know we will venture once again. They say the sky’s the limit but not for us - so let’s journey to wherever our minds take us.


With the rise of ‘Instagrammable art’ in the form of dynamic, interactive art installations and bold, contrasting pieces, art is becoming both an immersive and ‘jolting’ experience. This exhibition captures the viewer’s attention in jarring, comic book fashion giving way to lasting impressions, and ultimately creating a dynamic atmosphere of clashing thought provocation with works that pop!


‘Botanics’, brought together a group of Australian contemporary artists to showcase their various perspectives and representations of nature, landscape and the world around us. The beauty of nature is the simple yet intricate way of seeing our environment and the universe. It’s an immense and endless admiration of splendour.


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