Projects and Artwork

Projects and Public Art

Projects and Public Art Art Residence at Hambidge Centre, Georgia, USA Hambidge provides a residency program that empowers talented individuals ...
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The People Factor

The People Factor Embracing rural lifestyle and adventure, enjoying the mundane as well as stepping out of the comfort zone ...
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Longing and Belonging

Longing and Belonging Drawing on inspiration from nature Veronika is searching for a sense of place and connections within the ...
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Birds Matter

Birds Matter Birdwatching has become an important part of Veronika’s life and a source of inspiration for many of her ...
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Wildlife and Greenery

Wildlife and Greenery The love of gardening, encountering species in diverse ecosystems, tree planting and involvement in conservation projects are ...
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The Land We Use

The Land We Use Landscape is an emotional, vibrating, living, breathing space – a space human beings encroach on and ...
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