Once Upon A Forest -The Eloquence of Trees

It has been an amazing month with the exhibition of my recent works opening in Biloela on the 3rd February. Shanna Muston from Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery curated the show and the official opening was on the 15th February at the Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery. It was a jam-packed event including tree sales and plant swaps to get everyone in the spirit to commune with trees. Thank you to everyone who made this a beautiful morning and supported Regional Arts, the Queensland Fire Service through the Raffle, the plant stalls and the Gallery. Madeline Brewer opened the show and Saxophonics entertained with great music.

Echo Forest #1, graphite and charcoal on paper, 2019

Please find attached links to a documentary on Forest Fire as well as a digital media work called Echo Forest.

https://youtu.be/zVrjN5LlVjk and https://youtu.be/M3JFpADFwmQ

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