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A Solo Exhibition of new works by Veronika will open on the 3rd February 2020 at Banana Shire Regional Gallery in Biloela. “Once Upon A Forest – the eloquence of trees” is an exhibition about the fascinating ability of trees to communicate and interact on levels we are only just beginning to understand.

Who said trees can not talk, feel, share and act collectively? We may not hear or see evidence of their communal activities as we hike through forests – however science allows us to gain more and more insight into processes which fairy tales and myths have taught us all along – forests have magic!

The artworks evolve around stories and science discoveries about trees as feeling and communicating beings. Across species the forest ecosystem is linked in many intriguing ways, through fungi, sound, electromagnetic waves, scent and chemical signals. Trees will warn, nurture, support and protect one another, learn from past mistakes and collaborate with relatives and across species.

The artist uses scientific insights as the starting point for semi abstract drawings, paintings, photographs, installation and multimedia works. These artworks represent intersections between invisible processes in nature and quantitative measurements in science.

In our world people are habitually seen as sovereign over plants and animals. “Once upon a forest” will pursue a deeper relationship with nature and poses questions about the limits of human knowledge and imagination.

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