General Art News May 2017

Melbourne and Van Gogh and the Seasons

It has been a real treat to be able to visit the exhibition “Van Gogh and the Seasons” at the NGV this month with Jenny. The exhibition was wonderful and curated to get an understanding of what inspired Van Gogh as well as celebrating his wonder at the natural world that occupied him throughout his career. Here just a little taste of the works.

The garden of the asylum in Saint Remy


Farmhouse in Provence

Self-portrait Vincent Van Gogh

We also had done homework on the location of some of Napier Waller’s artwork in the CBD of Melbourne. Mervyn Napier Waller  (19 June 1893 – 30 March 1972) was a noted Australian muralist, mosaicist and painter in stained glass and other media. We found his beautiful mosaic mural ‘Prometheus’ – a massive work with over a million pieces of smalti – it was absolutely stunning!

We also visited the mosaic mural “I’ll put a girdle around the earth”.

In the Melbourne Town Hall we saw the murals in the auditorium with musical accompaniment by a practice of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra!

Sculptures in public places galore-the 3 business men were the most charming and Bruce Armstrongs sculptures were so very impressive and large and beautiful in their simplicity of form.

The street art in the lanes in the CBD was wonderful and a reminder that art is for everyone everywhere- not just a museum item, but part of life!

The energy of street art is really inspiring – no excuses now – back in the studio with new ideas and energy!

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