#2 May Mosaic Eyes

There are so many ways to approach the task of giving one of your creations eyes. So much to consider – as usual when making: is it a realistic representation of an animal or person, is it a cartoon or is it just an approximation of the real or a fantasy creature? One thing is for sure – once it has eyes it has life! It is a lot of fun to create eyes and here are just a few samples of eyes made recently in the mosaic studio.

Robin has created eyes for her birds by making a little coloured cement disk and pressing a round piece into the centre. This looks stunning and is very clearly visible, due to the contrast between the yellow and the dark centre piece.

Another eye created by Robin is cut carefully from pieces of stone and glass and works really well for her brown tree snake giving it reptilian character.

On another snake the eye is very understated using just a half disk tile, but also very effective in this setting.

Jenny has made a mosaic Bart Simpson and her eye consisted of the bottom of a cup and a bead glued in the centre. It is a very effective and simple solution to a cartoon eye.

Graces mermaid needed stunning green eyes and her gaze is penetrating. These eyes have been laid very carefully in glass crockery and smalti for a realistic effect.

The eyes on a stone in my garden are also laid in stone, smalti and glass.

Often it is possible to find quirky solutions in the patterns of crockery or in the way of emphasising the eye – this is what makes mosaics so much fun! Remember: simple works best!

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