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April Mosaic Studio

Coloured Glue

With the cooler weather everything is flowing and materials are behaving well! There are a number of projects on the go in our Tuesday Mosaic class. So here a little more info on technicalities around laying into coloured glue.

Two sturdy female mannequins are being mosaicked by Sharon and Robin. Both are made from sturdy plastic. They have been coated with a slurry of optima and are now made by colouring the glue used according to the colours of the mosaic pieces. That way the pieces will not have to be grouted. When using glue in this manner it is important to prep a good bed of glue for each mosaic piece to rest in and allowing the glue to come up between mosaic pieces. To avoid seeing pale sides of crockery – just paint the sides of each mosaic piece with the coloured glue.



Another project is a recycled satellite dish where a similar approach is being used. The metal dish has been also coated with optima to give good adhesion for the glue and glue is coloured according to each section mosaicked. Grace is currently working on the face of a mermaid a difficult job for the dainty features to look fine in mosaic. The colour for the glue is a flesh colour which can be mixed by using a tiny amount of red oxide in a larger proportion of yellow oxide. Always be careful when mixing colours with red oxide as it is a very strong and overwhelming pigment.

Isabel and Larissa made Mushrooms – these were built by us from scratch. We started with a Styrofoam base carving a mushroom shape and assembling the Styrofoam pieces, gluing them together (careful to use water based glue – others will melt your Styrofoam!).  Then the Mushrooms were staked with #8 Wire – to hold them together and to have a stake to pin them into the garden. The roof of the mushroom was reinforced with wire mesh shaped to give a wavy appearance. The mesh was then covered with fibreglass mesh and then the whole piece was coated with a laticrete slurry. Isabel did her piece in coloured glue as she decided to work very textured. Larissa grouted her piece as she used no texture on the top and sides. Her lamellas were attached then after grouting and set in glue.

#3 Isabel’s

#4 Larissa’s


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