General News – Art April 2017

Back in the studio after a few weeks of travel and family commitments – and really excited about new projects.

The travel has been very inspiring – we were in Norway and visited some wonderful art- old and new….from Viking treasures to Sami runes to the Vigeland Sculpture Park to the Edward Munch Museum and lots of street art.

Sami Rune

Vigeland Park Oslo

Edvard Munch Galloping Horse

Street Art

Travel sketching is always a great way of digesting scenery and places visited – we had awe inspiring vistas of fjords, birdlife, felt chilled to the bone and went…reindeer sledding….

Travel Sketch Oslo

Travel Sketch Fjord

Travel Sketch Lofoten


The Problem with being away and having a break is – starting again…work feels stiff and awkward – particularly painting. So I decided on some free and spirited drawing session to loosen up a bit, did some walking around the place and sketching while walking as well as started sketching figure poses for later work.




In the mosaic work I am still celebrating the body and movement. Currently working on surfies – I admire their amazing athleticism and their amazing agility in these huge waves – what courage…So here I am trying to capture some of this in these miniature glass mosaics-recycling some of my many, many scraps of glass. It is such a delicious medium to work in – the reflection and refraction will keep me always entertained!

My other project has been a series of romantic Bavarian landscapes – little fairy tale worlds full of whimsical pieces of crockery, which has been collected from op-shops or rescued from being dumped. I use a huge mix of glass crockery, fine china, jewellery, stone – really anything inert…these landscapes are about nostalgia for an old world, something rich, baroque, beautiful, kitschy-  a memory of vista, smells and emotions from the past, from childhood or a memory of a fantasy.

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