A New Adventure

This is a new adventure – talking about art on a weekly base – what a task and where to start?

In the studio everything is about process, materiality, joy in making and managing disasters through editing. Paintings are a mirror of where you are in life even if you try to stay out of the work – there is so much of you in it. Thoughts and emotions flow through you, along that arm and hand onto your surface, while technicalities and your editing skills try and limit that chaos.

My resolution for current series of work are to set myself limitations regarding colour and thoroughly enjoy the process of mark making and materiality of paint – wet, dry, thick, thin, raw colour, thinned glazes etc. – using paint for what it is. OH IT IS SO MUCH FUN!


The subjects are figures – healthy bodies with lots of movement. I like the idea of bodies suspended in mid-air – a transitional moment – fleeting, and exhilarating. I want to capture this moment – the freedom and the fullness of simply being, free of compulsive thinking. The figures are a symbol of vibrant life, power and stillness.

Cultivating this sense of materiality is also important to me in my mosaic work – the facets of each mosaic fragment as well as the beauty of cement – not only as substrate but also as design element. This has become my obsession since attending the SAMA Conference in San Diego, California in March 2016. Materials are cut and inspected carefully for the potential of each facet. I am in love with glass, crockery, stone, smalti and anything that is inert, cuttable and has texture or glow. Pieces are set in coloured cement and coloured cement is also used like paint to fill spaces that may not need to be mosaicked.

The figure suspended in mid-air has been again my favourite subject. However, I am also exploring the contrast of old world and new worlds – dwellings and temples with rich history and stories opposed to the generic and utopian cityscapes that are growing and looking alike all over the world.

That is where the slow process of handcrafting is such a contrast to the sterile, perfect glossy surfaces of the digital and sanitised environments that surround us in shopping malls, professional service buildings and urban spaces. Celebrate imperfections and accidents – live dangerously by making art!

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